Resources for Women of All Ages

Adolescent Care (Ages 14 - 21)

We offer adolescent gynecological services as a comforting alternative to young women as they develop into womanhood.  Our practice is for girls who need gynecologic care for menstrual problems, PMS, pelvic pain, disorders of the reproductive organs and adolescent counseling on birth control options.

Active Woman (Ages 22 - 55)

Our physicians are experts in gynecological health issues for woman in their active years, including those needing midlife and menopausal care.  Cysts, fibroids, inflammation, urinary and vaginal infection, heavy, irregular or painful periods, severe PMS symptoms, pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, hormonal issues, urinary incontinence and sexually transmitted diseases are some of the gynecological conditions diagnosed, treated and managed by our OB/GYN's.

Mature Woman (Ages 55 - 75)

We offer services for some of the most common gynecologic problems encountered in elderly women which are vulvovaginal inflammation, genital prolapse, postmenopausal bleeding, and alterations in bladder function.  We provide a review of physiologic changes associated with aging, normal and abnormal physical findings, symptoms and conditions commonly encountered, and age-specific aspects of pelvic and breast examinations.