Obstetrical Care

Specializing in prenatal care

At South Shore Women's Health our philosophy is one of patient education and provider-patient teamwork to reach our common goal (a healthy mother and baby!). We are all committed to helping you have a safe pregnancy and a satisfying childbirth experience.

It is our privilege to provide obstetrical care throughout pregnancy and birth. We care for women with low risk and high risk factors such as multiples (twins, triplets), diabetes, blood disorders or preterm labor. We support women who hope to deliver vaginally after a previous cesarean section (VBAC) or who choose a repeat cesarean.

We are affiliated with South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth. South Shore Hospital is known for its dedication to families in providing family centered care in its new maternity center. The obstetric care is state of the art and the nursing care is second to none. The hospital provides 24-hour in-house anesthesia services and optional certified nurse midwife labor management. The hospital is also the only community hospital in the Commonwealth to offer 24-hour in-house neonatology services and a Level III neonatal intensive care unit. We encourage all clients to take full advantage of the innovative and informative childbirth education series offered at South Shore Hospital.

South Shore Women's Health has offices in Weymouth, Whitman and Plymouth for the convenience of our clients. Clients may see one provider primarily during their pregnancy, or may schedule appointments with different providers.

OB Resources

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