Topics To Discuss During Your First Prenatal Visit

You have just found out you are pregnant, and you are overwhelmed with excitement. There are so many things to do and plan for, but first things first. That means schedule your first prenatal visit with South Shore Women’s Health! To help you prepare for that all important visit, here are some pertinent topics to discuss during your first prenatal visit.

Come With Your Medical History

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Share your medical history regarding illnesses, chronic issues, and allergies.

In addition, be able to address the following:

  • History of gynecological issues like PMS or PMDD
  • History of any mental health problems like depression or anxiety disorder
  • Family history of chronic diseases
  • Previous pregnancies and any complications
  • Exposure to diseases like from recent travel abroad
  • Your current medications, the dosages, and any supplements taken on a regular basis so you can find out if they are safe during pregnancy
  • Current immunizations

Discuss Your Weight And BMI

Find out how much weight you can gain to remain healthy based on your current BMI.

Normally if you are at a healthy weight, it is recommended you gain 25 – 30 pounds. If you’re underweight, weight gain should be close to 30 pounds, and if you are overweight or obese, you should be careful to only gain 11 – 20 pounds.

Talk About Your Exercise Regimen

If you keep healthy by eating right and exercising, South Shore Women’s Health will probably tell you to continue. If you don’t currently have an exercise plan, you will be encouraged to begin one. There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy.

Special Health Conditions

There are some medical conditions that can put extra stress on your body during pregnancy. Diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, seizures, and thyroid anomalies can all affect you and your pregnancy.

Inform South Shore Women’s Health if you have had any problems with anesthesia or antibiotics.

The Burning Question

What you really want to know is WHEN you can expect your little one.

During this visit there will be a thorough examination, blood tests, PAP smear, and measurements to determine your due date.

Other Questions You Can Ask

  • If I have questions, who do I call?
  • If I have cramps or bleeding, do I call you or your nurse?
  • Will I need to change sexual habits?
  • What do you consider an emergency?
  • Should I get genetic screening?

The first prenatal visit is the first step on your journey to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Contact South Shore Women’s Health, or request an appointment online, if you would like to schedule your first prenatal visit.

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