6 Ways To Cope With Pregnancy Fatigue

Oh boy, you think you’re tired now. Wait until after your little bundle of joy arrives! Now is the time to get as much rest and glorious sleep as possible. The question is how to do it. Let’s look at 6 ways to cope with pregnancy fatigue.  » Read more about: 6 Ways To Cope With Pregnancy Fatigue  »

Important Message from Christine Hirsemann, M.D.

Dear Patients,


I have decided to stop practicing Obstetrics beginning March 31st, 2022. This means I will no longer be providing pregnancy care or performing deliveries. I will remain at South Shore Women’s Health and will be here for all of your Gynecological needs. This will include annual exams as well as any other women’s health issues.


I am grateful for the trust you placed in me over the past 15 years and for the opportunity to participate in so many beautiful births.  » Read more about: Important Message from Christine Hirsemann, M.D.  »

Formula Recall

⚠️Attention Patients⚠️: Abbott Nutrition issued voluntary recalls of their popular Similac, Alimentum and EleCare formulas after four infants were hospitalized with bacterial infections. We have found that some of the formula samples that were given out from our offices were part of the recall.


Please be sure to check the lot numbers listed on your samples

by clicking on the link:


For more information on the recall:  » Read more about: Formula Recall  »

7 Pregnancy Myths, Debunked

There have always been old wives tales about pregnancy and most likely you have heard a few.
Carrying your baby high means you’re having a girl. Carrying low, obviously it must be a boy. Let’s not forget having heartburn, which means your baby will have lots of hair.
These silly predictions are all in good fun, but there are some more serious pregnancy myths. Let’s talk about 7 pregnancy myths, debunked.  » Read more about: 7 Pregnancy Myths, Debunked  »

Telemedicine Visits

Our providers are accepting Telemedicine visits and are happy to accommodate you with any concerns. Please call the office if you are interested in a telemedicine appointment.  We may also be contacting you to change your scheduled appointment to a telemedicine appointment if appropriate.  Providers have set aside this time to listen and to address your concerns.  We respectfully ask that you contact the office if you need to cancel or reschedule your telemedicine or office visit 24 hours prior to your appointment.  » Read more about: Telemedicine Visits  »

COVID 19 Safety Update for South Shore Women’s Health

To the patients of South Shore Women’s Health,
As you come to your visits in the coming weeks and months, we want you to know what we are doing to keep you safe. The safety of our patients and staff is important to us.
You will be asked screening questions regarding symptoms and known exposures as you enter our buildings. Our staff will be wearing face coverings and we have put social distancing measures in place,  » Read more about: COVID 19 Safety Update for South Shore Women’s Health  »

Gardasil – HPV Vaccine

Did you know that the human papillomavirus can cause certain cancers, and the vaccine helps to prevent HPV-related cancers and diseases caused by HPV? Gardasil is a vaccine indicated in females through 45 years of age for the prevention of cervical, vulvar, vaginal, and anal cancers, precancerous or dysplastic lesions, and genital warts caused by HPV. If you have not finished your series of 3 injections, or would like to begin the series to help protect yourself or family from HPV,  » Read more about: Gardasil – HPV Vaccine  »

Zika Virus Information

Zika Virus Information

Our physicians and staff would like all of our pregnant patients to be aware of a mosquito borne virus in foreign countries which may be related to birth defects. As of 1/18/2016 the Centers For Disease Control has recommended to postpone travel to any areas where Zika Virus has been reported. If travel is unavoidable it is recommended to do everything possible to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.  Currently there are many countries,  » Read more about: Zika Virus Information  »